Portable Guitar Dehumidifier

using the rosewood kiln

Regardless the Polycarbonate or the Rosewood version, both are designed to be used in the same ways.

If you are unsure of how the KILN works, please read the user manual below first.


Refer to the images of the guitar in the hardcase.


The hardcase of your guitar is a good compliment to the KILN. Keep your guitar within its hardcase offers protection to your guitar.


The hardcase can be totally opened or slightly opened during usage (treatment). Both ways allow for air circulation to take place.


In terms of the immediate operating environment, it doens't matter if the KILN is operating within a space with air-conditioned or not. It works nevertheless.


Allow up to 8 hours for each treatment. If the initial treatment didn't yield sufficient changes, continue the treatment for another 2 to 3 times.


The Rosewood KILN cannot overdry your guitar because its heat amount is carefully caliberated to dehumidify sufficiently but not overdrying. Moreover the present of air circulation will also ensure that.


Take note; the KILN is not designed to operate in outdoors environment. If the KILN is used in ways that are not in line with the stated ways in its manual,  damages caused to guitars will be the responsibilities of the users.

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