Better string action & restores playability

The world's first Portable Guitar Dehumidifier

the KILN - Portable Guitar Dehumidifier

Using a suitable Power Adapter


The Rosewood KILN requires DC power to drives it and laptop power adapters can do just that. Most people own laptops. It makes good sense to re-use the power adapters. The Rosewood KILN is designed to accommodate these power ratings,

1. 16V to 24V (DC)

2. 3.5A to 5A (DC)

As for the connection, it should terminate with a 5.5 x 2.5mm connector.


Most households have such power adapters that were usually left behind after laptops were expired.


If you do not have one, you can purchase one at SGD $20.00 from us.

Using Your Existing Power Adapter


Laptop or PC power supply is a common item in most digitally connected households. You need not purchase a new power supply for the Rosewood KILN by using your existing Laptop or PC power supply.


Your existing Laptop or PC power supplies may not fit the 2.5 x 5.5mm barrel connector on the Rosewood KILN. This can be easily resolved.

All you need is a barrel connector adapter to marry the connector on your existing power supply to the Rosewood KILN's one.

You can purchase such barrel connector adapter from electronic gadget/components shops.

See picture on left for the recommended ways to connect up your existing power supply to the Rosewood KILN.

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