Better string action & restores playability

The world's first Portable Guitar Dehumidifier

The world's first Portable Guitar Dehumidifier that employs 3 key principles of wood drying, now in ROSEWOOD



In Rosewood


Each Rosewood KILN is handcrafted.


Working Concepts


It dehumidifies by using the same three wood drying principles.


Using it


It is to be used in the same manner as polycarbonate model.




The wood KILN is as compact and portable as the polycarbonate model




It takes also 8 hours for dehumidifications to complete!


Its Promises


Nothing less than the polycarbonate model

The KILN's Promises


1. Restores playability by reducing string action

2. Audible tonal quality improvement

3. Compact and portable

4. Easy to operate

5. No disruption of lifestyle

6. Very low power consumption

7. Reduce wood moisture content to healthy range ≤12%


We obtained the above outcomes through repeated experiments, tests and fieldworks. High confidence level of sucess is guaranteed. However there are a myriad of factors that affect structural and functional properties of acoustic guitars. Outcomes may vary among various guitars.

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