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The world's first Portable Guitar Dehumidifier that dehumidifies by 3 key principles of wood drying

Constant heat supply

Warm environment

Air circulation

How to use the kiln

It is designed to be easy to use. Simply insert the KILN into your guitar soundhole (not for offset soundhole guitars), turn on the power, and leave it over night (8 hours) and it will be done!

Packed with smart features

Temperature and Relative Humidity Display


Indicator Light in Guitaring Passionately's Logo


Temperature & Humidty Sensors


Heating Plate


Handling Fin

we design to protect your guitars

8-hour Auto Cut-Off

Temperature Control


Temperature Auto Cut-Off

Leaves no marks on your guitars

Protective felt layers have been strategically placed on the KILN so that it leaves no marks on your beloved guitar.

light weight & portable

The KILN will hardly take up space in your home or your luggage. Bringing your guitar dehumidifier is so easy because the KILN weighs less than 280 grams!

the kiln's promises

1. Restores playability by reducing string action

2. Audible tonal quality improvement

3. Compact and portable

4. Easy to operate

5. No disruption of lifestyle

6. Very low power consumption

7. Reduce wood moisture content to healthy range ≤12%

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