the KILN - Portable Guitar Dehumidifier

frequently asked questions

We thought of these questions to help you in understanding and using the KILN more effectively on your guitars. If you feel that these questions were unable to address your concern, please write to us.

FAQ - the KILN

Q1: How does it work?

The KILN dehumidifies by warming your guitar gently. Three key principles of wood drying; (1) constant heat supply, (2) warm environment & (3) air circulation underpinned the ways it works. More reading can be found on page 8 of this document: Drying Hardwood Lumber

Q2: How do I use it?

Please see here:

Q3: How long should I leave it in my guitar?

Per dehumidification treatment is 8 hours. While you may cut short the duration, it isn't recommended to go way beyond 8 hours.

Q4: How often should I use it?

There is no hard or fast rule on the frequency of use. If you suspect your guitar(s) has taken in excessive moisture, use it. As a guide, you could use it daily or weekly as you deem fit.

Q5: How do I know if my guitar is dehumidified?

Using a wood moist measuring meter is the most definitive way. However the manner is invasive to your guitar. It is not recommended thus it would be better to use the playability of your guitar to gauge. The immediate area about the guitar bridge bulged when excessive moisture is carried by your guitar. That increases string action and diminishes playability. After the application of the KILN, you should get better playability and that would mean your guitar is dehumidified.

Q6: Can I put my guitar inside its bag or hardcase when using the KILN?

Having sustained air circulation is required for the KILN to dehumidify your guitar. Placing your price guitar inisde its bag or hardcase may hinder sustained air circulation. This can cause heat to build up within your guitar box. Unless air circulation is sustained, placing your guitar inside bag or hardcase may not be a good idea. See the proper use of the KILN while the guitar is inside its hardcase here:

Q7: Can I leave my guitar on a stand or hung on a wall mount when using the KILN?

The KILN is designed to work when your guitar is placed in supine position, no other. Both ways leave your guitar in an upright stance. The KILN uses heat and warm air rises up vertically. Guitars in upright stance would mean the heat from the KILN would rise to warm up other areas than the areas about the bridge (which is the important area to receive treatment). Therefore, it is not recommended to place your guitar on upright stance if you are going to dehumidify your guitar with the KILN.

Q8: How hot can it get?

Generally, wood glue looses it strength when heated to 60˚C to 65˚C. The Rosewood KILN is carefullycalibrated to warm up your guitar. The operating temperature ranges from 48˚C to 55˚C.

Q9: Can using the KILN dislodge anything in my guitar?

NO. If the Rosewood KILN is operated as per instructions in its manual, your guitar would only be dehumidified, never damaged. Heat trapping may lead to unintended outcomes. Read Q6.

Q11: How do I get it?

This KILN in polycarbonate isn't available for purchase. We apologise for it. Here is why, Our Indiegogo fundraising campaign ended on 15 July 2014 without success. Hence we were unable to proceed with mass production of the KILN (polycarbonate version). Nevertheless, we sincerely thank all our supporters for believing in the KILN. While the campaign didn't raise the required amount to mass produce the KILN, the demand for this portable guitar dehumidifier didn't subside. With constant encouragement, the Rosewood KILN was created in May 2015. It is now available. While it possesses no display facilities, it is equally effective as the polycarbonate version. It has been sold to USA, Belize, Norway, Taiwan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Q10: Can I use the Rosewood KILN on any guitars?

The Rosewood KILN is designed for regular acoustic guitars and classical guitars. Using the Rosewood KILN on small body guitars or ukuleles are not recommended. Examples of small body guitars; Baby Taylor, GS-Mini, Martin D Jr, Ed Sheeran types.