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what did the users say about the kiln?

whisky101 4 Jul 2017, Singapore

I first used it on my cheap Samick guitar (cuz I wasn't sure what was going to happen). I recorded the before and after (I only used it for ard 4-5 hrs) sound of the guitar and found that it really opened it up.


It was louder, and the mids came through better. More resonance and sustain. Everything was clearer and less muddy. Only thing was that I found the bridge plate lifted a bit but I think that was due to the bulge being there for too long.


Tried it on my Martin (which I brought back from Australia not too long ago so the difference wasn't as great as with the Samick which had been in Sg for years) and found it was easier to play (less strength needed to press the strings) and it did sound less muddy but not by a wide margin as compared to the Samick. I did a before and after recording too so it was easy to compare.


I heard my friend's Martin after he's used the kiln and found that it opened up as well. Mids were less muddy and there were more sustain from the bass notes. He found it easier to play too...less strength needed to press the strings and sounds less harsh (according to him)

(from Carousell Chat, used with permission)

Imran D. A Wiraatmaja 22 Mar 2017, Singapore

Hi Adam,


You have a great product to cure the fat guitars that I have, all guitars are in perfect conditions as they should be. Playability becomes easy and the sounds are back to normal.

(from email, used with permission)

Craig Ó Mathúna 17 Sep 2016, Ireland

Hey Adam, thanks for the follow up email. Sorry I meant to email you a while ago, but many gigs later and I forgot! It arrived in five business days! Very quick arrival time, impressive. Yes I read all those thanks, I always do my homework!  It's great thanks, I have used it on my babies and they certainly seem happier tone-wise after a night 'in the kiln'.  None of my guitars are particularly bad, but my newest one is very expensive and I intend to keep in the best condition possible you know? 


The average relative humidity here in Ireland is 70-80%, all year long, every year! So, it will be ver helpful I'm sure. Does this version have the temperature sensor to gauge what is safe for the guitar, is that what the smallest holes are on it? It is a beautiful piece and design anyway, so thank you for creating it, it is a great vision and invention and I hope one day you get to make your polycarbonate version, I would pick one up if so!

(from email, used with permission)

Hamon Shen 16 Aug 2016, Singapore

Hi Adam,

Wanted to let you know that I've tried the KILN on two of my other guitars, a Cort earth 10 and Takamine EGS-430SC.

The guitars sounded less muddy and the sounds were resonating nicer. I initially thought it could be a placebo effect but my wife also noticed the difference in sound.


Thanks for selling such a wonderful product!


(from email, used with permission)

Lawrence Basapa 24 Jul 2016, Singapore

Dear Adam,


I've found this product to be effective and money-well-spent. Well done.

(from email, used with permission)

Stanley Dorn 2 May 2016, New York

I found KILN online. I have a new instrument which is uncoated on the inside and discovered that its otherwise spectacular tone color, sustain and very loud volume were all severely lessened when the interior humidity was above 31%, a frequent condition in New York in the spring and especially in the summer (routinely 60% - 70%).


I thought your design extremely clever and well thought out and, as you're probably aware, unique in the market. I loved the features incorporated in the poly carbonate model, and hope you'll yet get the opportunity to produce it. I very much look forward to receiving the rosewood model. (from email, used with permission)

Chew Beng Huat 27 Jan 2016, Singapore

Good morning Adam, I was very excited and I can't wait to share this positive feedback with you. It was the result after dehumidifying my ayers guitar with the Rosewood KILN for just one night. The ways it works really made sense and there were differences before and after treatment. Cheers. (from Whapps, use with permission, typos corrected )

Eddy Lim 14 Jan 2016, Singapore

Just to let you know the kiln works. The swell on my Alvarez has substantially reduced after 1 night. Although still have a little swell, the action has improved noticeably at the 12th fret. (from Whapps, use with permission )

Joseph Ang Jia Cheng 15 Dec 2015, Singapore

The rosewood kiln is awesome! Portable and effective in dehumidifying the guitar!


Kevin Kwok 11 Oct 2015, Singapore

Aaron Krohn 10 Oct 2015, Belize

Dear Adam and company, this little device has been an indispensable asset for this tropical acoustic guitarist. When my guitars start to sound dull from absorbing too much moisture, I just whip out the KILN and 8 hours later my sound is back to being crisp and rich. Thank you.


Dag Kopperud 16 Sep 2015, Norway

As for how I learned about the KILN, I just googled "how to dehumidify an acoustic guitar". The KILN was the only good thing that came back. Seems like an excellent idea. I am sure it will work fine. (from email, use with permission)

Ian Chew 28 May 2015, Singapore

Recently tried out a new innovative product called the "Kiln" by Adam Chan ofGuitaring Passionately on my Martin M-36.


In our tropical environment, an overly "wet" guitar will cause the belly to swell thus affecting tone and string action. The Kiln is light and so easy to use; unlike having to spend a huge amount on a conventional dehumidifier and blowing it against your guitar in an enclosed room.


Tried it and it works! Recommended for all solid top acoustic guitar owners. Check it out at


Johann Tay 17 Apr 2014, Singapore

1. Does it work?

Yes it does! At a much smaller cost.


2. What are the differences on your guitar before and after?

(in playability, tone, physical appearances) The bulge on the guitar top below the bridge becomes less pronounced. Action drops slightly, not so visible, but upon playing, it is noticeably easier to fret.


3. What are something you may like about this device over other dehumidifying gadgets or appliances?

i) it takes up so little space, which is so crucial in current home spaces

ii) It is re-usable. Humidity packs need to be recharged, and desiccants need to be frequently replaced.

iii) It produces much less heat in a space compared to a dehumidifier and it is completely silent.

iv) Sensors are much more sensitive to the true dry-ness of the guitar compared to the environmental humidity that a dehumidifier would identify.

Ivan Leong 17 Feb 2014, Singapore

1) Yes, it does, very well.


2) For playability, the guitar's action was still kept around the same action but it felting better. It was easier to press the strings without much strength on it. For tone wise, the tone became clearer and less "muffled", I guess it brings out the tone the guitar originally had. For physical appearance, the bridge area had less of a bulge the humidifier helps to bring it down.


3) The device is user friendly, useful for guitarist and takes a much lesser time to get the dehumidifying done then other items or ways.

Jabez 23 Jan 2014, Singapore

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be part of the test.KILN works! I have seen it work just by having to leave it in my guitar untouched for a night. less than 5 seconds to set up!


The differences are obvious after dehumidification. The bulge at the bridge has lessen drastically, the sound became brighter, looser strings and most importantly the action was down by at least 0.5mm. These evident the effectiveness of the product, KILN.


This design has beaten all the ‘solutions’ I have seen online regarding dehumidification. The thirsty hippo solution did not work for me as it was only dehumidifying the air around the guitar. The cabinet dehumidifier requires a lot of effort and a lot of wasted energy. And I could not afford a dehumidifying wardrobe.


KILN is compact, aesthetically appealing, and does its job. All aspects of protection are in place to protect our ‘baby’.The passion behind the product attracts me more than anything. A guitar lover designing it for guitar lovers, how wrong can this be?

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