Better string action & restores playability

The world's first Portable Guitar Dehumidifier

The world's first Portable Guitar Dehumidifier that employs 3 key principles of wood drying



Constant heat supply


Energy (heat) must be supplied to evaporate moisture throughout the drying process.



Heated environment


The environment within acoustic guitars is heated, makes it capable in receiving moisture from the wood surfaces. That is, the relative humidity of the air surrounding the woods must be below 100%.



Air circulation


During drying, air movement must be present to remove evaporated moisture, and to maintain the desired Relative Humidity (RH).


Using the KILN is as easy as ABC!


Simply insert the KILN into your guitar soundhole (not for offset soundhole guitars), turn on the power, and leave it over night (8 hours) and it will be done!


See the illustrations below and you will be amazed with how simple the KILN works!

The KILN dehumidifies by three key wood drying principles


First Principle - Constant Heat Supply

The KILN supplies constant heat to your guitar soundbox. The gradual heat gently heats up the air within your guitar soundbox throughout the entire dehumidification process.


Second Principle - Heated Environment

With constant heating of the air in the guitar soundbox, the air will be able to absorb moisture from your guitar.











Third Principle - Air Circulation

Heat transfer through convection takes place naturally thus air saturated with moisture will be replaced by dryer air. No removal of guitar strings, just place your guitar in a well ventilated space for such air circulation to take place.

The KILN is compact and portable yet packs with smart designs and features that make sense!


Temperature and Relative Humidity Display

The KILN gives LIVE temperature and relative humidity readings as the dehumidification process is underway. You can be rest assured that the KILN is doing what it says.


Indicator Light in Guitaring Passionately's Logo

When the KILN is in operation, you can see the indicator light turned on. It blinks rhythmically when operation has ceased.


Temperature & Humidty Sensors

The temperature & humidity sensors are strategically located to detect the on-going ambient conditions in your guitar. The temperature sensor also acts as the primary detector for any unwanted heat surges. It is the constant monitoring that allows the creation of the ideal dehumidification environment within your guitar.


Heating Plate

The heating plate is made of high grade aluminmum. It conducts heat from a heater within the KILN thus heating the air in your guitar soundbox.


Handling Fin

This small but essential handling fin aids the user in manipulating the KILN into its ideal position with ease.

The KILN is created by guitar lovers for guitar lovers! It is equipped with smart functions to make dehumidification SAFE & EASY!



8-hour Auto Cut-Off


The KILN has been programmed to cut-off its operation after 8 hours. Our research and experiments have determined 8 hours to be the optimal dehumidification duration.



Temperature Control


An onboard temperature sensor monitors the air temperature in the guitar. Both upper limit and lower limit ranges of temperature have been determined. When in operation, the temperature in your guitar soundbox is maintained within these limits.



Temperature Auto Cut-Off


In the event when the upper temperature limit is breached, the KILN will cease operation all together and no further heating will take place.

The KILN will not mark your beloved guitars


Protective felt layers have been strategically placed on the KILN so that it leaves no marks on your beloved guitar.



The KILN will hardly take up space in your home or your luggage. Bringing your guitar dehumidifier is so easy because the KILN weighs less than 280 grams!

String Height at 12th Fret
This is one of the most common ways to determine playability of guitars, a.k.a. "action".
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The KILN's Promises


1. Restores playability by reducing string action

2. Audible tonal quality improvement

3. Compact and portable

4. Easy to operate

5. No disruption of lifestyle

6. Very low power consumption

7. Reduce wood moisture content to healthy range ≤12%


We obtained the above outcomes through repeated experiments, tests and fieldworks. High confidence level of sucess is guaranteed. However there are a myriad of factors that affect structural and functional properties of acoustic guitars. Outcomes may vary among various guitars.

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String Height at 12th Fret

This is one of the most common ways to determine playability of guitars, a.k.a. "action".