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smart designs and features that make sense!

the KILN - Portable Guitar Dehumidifier

Temperature and Relative Humidity Display

The KILN gives LIVE temperature and relative humidity readings as the dehumidification process is underway. You can be rest assured that the KILN is doing what it says.

Heating Plate

The heating plate is made of high grade aluminmum. It conducts heat from a heater within the KILN thus heating the air in your guitar soundbox.

Handling Fin

This small but essential handling fin aids the user in manipulating the KILN into its ideal position with ease.

Temperature & Humidity Sensors

The temperature & humidity sensors are strategically located to detect the on-going ambient conditions in your guitar. The temperature sensor also acts as the primary detector for any unwanted heat surges. It is the constant monitoring that allows the creation of the ideal dehumidification environment within your guitar.

Indicator Light in Guitaring Passionately's Logo

When the KILN is in operation, you can see the indicator light turned on. It blinks rhythmically when operation has ceased.

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